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Alexander Technique (AT) For Singers

Alexander Technique (AT) is a holistic self-care method, best acquired through in-person lessons with a trained practitioner who can lead a personalized, collaborative process with each student, transmitting AT’s specialized skills of self-awareness, organization, and intention. AT is known for improving posture and physical grace and improves the quality and comfort of everything we do. The benefits of AT include better general functioning, balance, and mobility, and enhanced performance at work, sports—and especially in the performing arts. Joy in Singing encourages everyone in its vocal community to explore AT to learn to sing with the full commitment of body and spirit that can only come when the singer is at one with song and self, without tension or resistance.


Every major performing arts conservatory worldwide requires students to study Alexander

Technique, including The Juilliard School in New York City and The Royal College of Music in

London. For you as a singer, AT is invaluable, helping you to find your own authentic voice and

keep it healthy and vibrant throughout your performance, your career, and your life. Because AT

lessons will improve your breathing, poise, and freedom of expression, you will find yourself

singing, speaking, and acting with greater ease as you incorporate the Technique into the way

you support yourself, move, and vocalize.

Alexander Technique instructor Elizabeth Hurwitt offers the highest-quality, hands-on AT lessons

available at an extremely reasonable per-lesson rate at two locations in mid and lower

Manhattan. She began practicing AT in her twenties as an avocational singer seeking better

breathing, and discovered AT did more for her than she ever expected, changing her approach

to everything she did in everyday life. After more than a decade of leading New York Festival of

Song as its Executive Director, Elizabeth completed her AT journey, undertaking the 3-year,

1600-hour teacher training program required by the American Society for Alexander Technique

for national certification as an AT instructor, and opened her practice, betterATbeing

( She loves working with new students and sharing this

transformational, life-enhancing practice in individual, in-person lessons—the best way to learn



Elizabeth Hurwitt, M.AmSAT

Alexander Technique Instructor



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