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Joy In Singing
Board of Directors


Eunice Poulos, President

Craig Tessler,Vice President

Victoria Wefer, Secretary

Kate Hurney

Deborah Surdi

Aram Tchobanian

Sahoko Timpone

Carolyn Steinberg

Mitchell Vines

Advisory Board

Steven Blier

Michael Brofman

Amy Burton

Miriam Charney

Elizabeth Hurwitt

John Musto

Lorraine Nubar
Dorene Marshall

Honorary Board
Alida Hare

Robert Sherman


Directors In Memoriam
Dalton Baldwin

Benice Brilliant

Linn Maxwell Keller

David Noakes

Fadlou Shehadi

George Vassos


Joy In Singing

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Joy In Singing is a 501 (c)3 nonprofit corporation,
and the oldest art song organization in America.

All contributions are tax deductible under the law.

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